US Medical & Mobility service technicians provide you with top-quality service and repair.

Equipment Maintenance

Proper maintenance is about extending the life of your equipment. This means paying attention to any noise and/or loose parts, in order to prevent a problem that could potentially compromise the safety of the equipment. During a maintenance visit we will:

  • Remove all soil and other build up from equipment. This will prevent damage to moving parts and allow smooth movement.
  • Inspect and tighten the axel and axel plate on wheelchairs. Loose wheelchair axels can snap under the stress of movement.
  • Add air to tires when low. Flat or low tires use up excess battery power and make manual wheelchairs hard to push.
  • Tighten squeaky nuts and bolts so they don’t fall off or get lost.
  • Tighten the seat and backrest of your equipment. A loose seat or backrest can cause posture problems and insufficient body support.
  • Clean and perform a functional diagnostic test
  • Repair or replace PC boards/joysticks as required
  • Repair or replace any broken hardware/switches
  • Clean, burnish, or replace controller relays as required
  • Calibrate and perform a functional test

For controllers and hand controls we: 

  • Clean and perform a functional diagnostic testing
  • Repair or replace PC boards as required
  • Repair or replace any broken hardware
  • Clean, burnish, or replace relays as required
  • Calibrate and perform a functional test.

Equipment Service Contracts

Maintenance contracts include:

  • Annual Cleaning
  • A full tune-up every 6 months
  • 2 hours of labor on all major repairs (no dispatch fee)
  • Minor adjustments
  • Consistent safety and maintenance evaluations
  • Most work will be done at your location
  • 24-hour, on-call priority service for emergencies (rental equipment also available when needed as a backup)
  • Parts are charged separately

It is important for your safety to keep your equipment properly maintained. Equipment almost never breaks at a convenient time. With preventative maintenance, service can be scheduled at your convenience and parts can be ordered ahead of time.

Programs for Businesses/Institutions

US Medical & Mobility also offers a package program for institutions. Our technicians can:

  • Assess many wheelchairs at the same time
  • Provide most immediate repairs
  • Order parts ahead of when they will actually be needed
  • Obtain feedback and suggestions from the users in a group setting
  • Provide detailed records and ID tags for each wheelchair

Contracts are available for 4 or 8 hours of repair time per month, with no additional charge for same day response. Unused hours can be rolled over into remaining months for a period up to a year.

For basic repairs or estimates, please fill out the repair form below. Be sure to include whether or not this is a cash paid repair or if you want to go through your insurance. If you want to use your insurance, you will need a doctor's prescription for equipment repairs where the insurance company provided the equipment initially.